Why Start Now? i02 The short answer is, “Why NOT now?” So many people dream of changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur, and being the boss instead of an employee. Millions may share that desire, but only a few will have the courage to take the next step. With simpleFLOORS, you’ll have the benefits of a proven business model in a growing industry plus training and support without the overhead and inventory costs that normally come with owning a flooring business. The Time is Right We all know the national economy has been struggling for some time, but the construction and home improvement industries are bouncing back! Leading indicators for Home Remodeling and New Home Construction show solid upward growth trends. U.S House starts jump to Highest Level in Five Years: Bloomberg.com Double Digit Growth Expected in Home Remodeling: jchs.harvard.edu Floor covering sales increased 4.8% of prior year: Floorcoveringweekly.com The Opportunity The simpleFLOORS franchise opportunity is one that allows you the flexibility you need to achieve the financial stability and success you want. We understand and value the importance of ensuring long-term financial strength in any investment opportunity. Our profit-proven, self-sustaining simpleFLOORS franchise is one excellent strategy for achieving this goal. The simpleFLOORS philosophy centers on quality products and great customer service at competitive pricing. It is our proven strategy to ensure you enjoy success within your franchise. As a franchise owner, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your market positioning with exclusive and protected territories that can include a city or even an entire a metro area. We’ll work with you to determine the best options that suit your needs, yet offer the best opportunity for you to realize your investment goals. Investment Options Physical Store The simpleFLOORS physical store is a simple concept – no pun intended! Our proven marketing model will generate demand for our flooring services and if you opt for the physical store in your market, we’ll funnel traffic your way. You can opt for a 1,600 square foot to 3,000 square foot showroom that provides the perfect combination of warmth and product display for any customer that enters your doors. We’ll provide the custom signage, the in-store marketing materials, the display hardware and samples and more so you can create just the right look and feel of your franchise store. If you’re interested in also warehousing your product, we do have a showroom and warehousing option in a larger footprint. Select a store size as small as 3,000 square feet or as large as 5,000 to accommodate the products you would like to have on hand. We’ll work with you directly to determine which store model is right for you and your preferred market. Mobile Store Are you more interested in taking the simpleFLOORS concept to the customer’s home, getting right to the heart of the project and eliminating the need to maintain and manage a physical store? simpleFLOORS offers a mobile store option that allows you the same benefits of the physical store franchisee, but with a different focus on the customer base. We’ll still funnel the customers to you, but this time in the form of leads that you will contact. At that point, you can make the appointment and meet with customers in their own environment. This personalized approach is very effective as you help your customers realize real improvements in the quality of their living space. Territorial Development For those who are motivated to build a large scale business and have the talent to manage a team of sales professional, Simple Floors offers an industry unique, and professionally rewarding Area Developer program. Own the exclusivity to a metro market, and have multiple mobile showrooms or stores selling product throughout your protected territorial area. To learn moreor to see if Simple Floors would be a good fit for your personal and financial goals, contact us today.

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