i03   Look down. More than likely you’re standing on some type of floor covering now; carpet, hardwood, tile etc. Floor covering is needed everywhere!

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  The flooring industry is a vast and highly fragmented multi-billion dollar industry which offers ideal financial opportunities for the efficiency and systematic advantages a franchise can offer. Homeowners, architects, designers, builders and contractors are all potential clients. Each, choosing different floor covering options and textures to suit their particular vision or project need; creating opportunity and demand. With the appearance of home improvement TV shows, homeowners are learning what professional designers and contractors have known for a long time; new flooring offers one of the most dramatic, highest return on investment expenditures for home improvement–again creating demand. Floor covering wears out or often gets damaged. Styles and tastes change, new buyers or tenants prefer a different look etc., all creating additional replacement opportunities. Plus, there is an increasing demand for specialty flooring, especially textured hardwood as well as eco-friendly renewable products. All of these factors offer the flooring store owner in-demand and recurring sales opportunities for years to come.

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