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When you open a simpleFLOORS retail store, it comes with a complete online marketing team, a virtual showroom and instant traffic. Online is where the majority of the customers are researching the products they are going to buy and where they are going to buy them. Here are some of the ways your hard working (and quite talented) team generates traffic for your simple-floors online and thus physical store.

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PPC Search Engines

Google, yahoo, ask, aol, miva, msn logos Its called Pay Per Click and it is changing the way customers learn and shop. Your simpleFLOORS marketing team manages thousands of keywords. Keywords are the variety of ways someone can search for a floor. They know which ones result in sales, and which ones do not. They know which ones to pay more for and which to pay less for. They know how to write ad content for maximum click through rates. They know how to get the most traffic for the dollar and manually adjust bids weekly for thousands of keywords on multiple search engines each week.

Content Advertising

Ever read an article online and notice small advertisements next to Them? They are called content display ads. This marketing team searches out sites that are relevant to interior or diy projects and places ads on their pages. Customers interested in purchasing flooring visit simpleFLOORS from these ads. The ads are written in such a way as to encourage relevant and serious shoppers and new sites are found and added frequently.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison price shopping engines allow the customer to shop for the best deal on a product. Customers search on shopping engines for the item they are looking for. If it is flooring, our products are there. These are typically a pay per click model, in which case we pay for the traffic as they click on our products. This involves maintaining the simpleFLOORS product catalog on all of these engines and updated them weekly. There are nearly a hundred shopping comparison engines and more open all the time.

Major Retail Relationships

Through a variety of agreements and business arrangements, simpleFLOORS products are found on major traffic generating sites like These catalogs are updated weekly with any price and spec info changes. Currently, we placed on and receiving traffic from 60+ major portals.