Store types. One size doesn’t fit all….

Your simpleFLOORS franchise store will provide in home measurements and full service installation........we will handle the details

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Showroom Only

Square footage requirements are 1800sf on the low - 3000sf on the high side. The showroom only versions stock no product on location.

Showroom & Warehouse in one

Some product is stocked on location and available for same day pick up. Square footage requirements are 3000sf on the low – 10,000sf on the high side.

Product displays

A variety of captivating display methods for your simplefloors showroom.

Laminate Racks

Holds up to 12 individual colors offset for full color frontal view. Approx product sample size is 15”x18”

Center bars

For use in the center of the showroom. Effectively brands the hardwood, bamboo and cork selections in a candy bar wrapper. The oversized product display board is proven to more effectively showcase the medium to higher range offerings.

Wall bars

Makes exceptional use of interior perimeter walls. Complete with the wrapper, this large free standing display is for use with flooring selections that have higher surface texture, more color varation and a higher price tag.

Exterior signage

Simple, attractive and orange. A color that gets noticed on exterior signage, Orange is a subconscious color of home improvement in full service and the diy category.

Window signage

A seamless look, the brand identity is instantly recognizeable from the marketing that brought your customers to your store.

Interior signage

Continually evolving, visually fresh interior graphics, keep your simplefloors store in season and in fashion.