Are you looking to grow your business, establish easier operations, and/or work towards planning your succession plan? Becoming part of a successful franchise system could be for you. It’s a familiar sight across the country, the mom-and-pop convenience store or gas station converts into a branded operation or a 7-Eleven; or a tax preparation business on the corner becomes a Liberty Tax Service. Local business owners are often provided with the choice of rebranding as a franchise for a variety of operational benefits. If executed properly, rebranding can be a winning move for all involved. A number of franchise systems have grown by converting independent businesses in the same industry into franchised units. An obvious example of this is in the real estate industry–franchises such as Century 21 grew rapidly in this very manner. But many other franchised brands have used some degree of conversion franchising to grow. Travel agencies, home service franchises, automotive agencies and many others have successfully offered existing entrepreneurs the opportunity to convert to a franchise brand. • But why would you want to trade in your independence to belong to a franchise? • What do you get in return? • And how can you decide if the leap from independent to franchisee is right for you? The advantages of a conversion can be many, such as: • You can achieve significant marketing advantages by being associated with a franchised brand, and there is usually a common marketing program used to help drive brand recognition and customer growth. • You can benefit from the purchasing power savings by being associated with a large system which has better bargaining power than an independent operator. • You can take advantage of an operating system tested and proven by other operators to produce higher levels of success from the business. • Because of systemized business practices, opening additional locations is easier within the proven franchise system, which can allow you to grow and develop greater personal equity. img21For these same reasons listed above, franchised businesses historically resell for greater amounts than their independent counterparts. This then allows you an easier succession and/or exit plan. The disadvantage is usually one main factor: Fees. The franchise system is going to charge you an initial franchise fee to cover the set-up and training required to convert your business and an ongoing fee for their operational support. These fees present expenses that you as an independent do not initially have. The key to evaluating the benefits of converting vs. these additional fees is simple. Will these fees be offset by: • An increase in projected revenue? • Savings or increased profitability by being associated with the franchiser? • Will daily operations be simplified or be easier to manage? • Better real estate opportunities? • Easier expansion financing? • Will your business have greater resell potential being part of a larger brand? Often, the savings on products or services the franchise can bring forward will offset the on-going support fees on their own. One of the most important items to consider is operational efficiency or ease. If being involved with a franchise can simplify daily operations and allow you to run your business instead of the business running you, then this should weigh heavily in favor of conversion. Quality of life is worth a few extra fees! It’s often the selling point of a franchise brand; to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. If the advantages associated with joining the franchise can off-set the fees, (even over time) then converting and joining a franchise can be a great choice. Simple Floors offers one of the best and most beneficial rebranding opportunities available; with small fees and tremendous advantages to help your business succeed.


  • Proven Best Operational Practices
  • Unique Products
  • Private Label Programs
  • B2C and B2B Client Opportunities
  • E-Commerce Sales
  • Custom Business Analysis & Reporting
  • Marketing Programs & Advertising Support
  • Personalized Store Website
  • National Purchasing Power
  • Client Support & Call Center
  • Web Internet SEO, PPC Campaigns
  • and more…

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