Listen, hear that? Shoppers are telling you something..... is one of the highest trafficked online flooring stores in the world. Regardless of what type of business you venture into, Influencing online shoppers is a critical element to any successful retail presence today and becomes more critical each passing month.

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Web-to-Store Growing

Most people, 92% of those who have access to a computer, regularly research online before they shop. And with as much hype as exists about e-commerce, most of these people buy in-store, to the tune of 95%. Large ticket items such as flooring are more intensely researched. As large online shopping portals have matured and millions have been invested into their sites (e.g., etc.) the features and interfaces are highly intelligent robust, easy to use. This has raised the expectations of internet shoppers. Therefore a credible, high quality web presence is mandatory in order to keep the customer from simply clicking away. So solving the problem of influencing online shoppers into local in-store conversions/sales is a very big deal. How big? About $600 billion in 2008 moving steadily upward to 1 trillion dollars in influenced retail sales each year by 2012 according to Forrester analyst.

A Few Ingredients

Each month, we sell and ship millions of dollars worth of our floors directly to our customers’ homes all over the United States, including your city/state. It took millions of dollars in investment and millions more annually to capture the traffic, but we have solved the problem of influencing online shoppers. In select areas using geographic recognition technologies we funnel the customers into our simpleFLOORS retail stores. The customers buy online from us but would prefer to buy our floors in one of our stores. Now select franchise partners have the opportunity to put this turn key model to work for them in their cities/towns. This is just one of a few ingredients that makes up our tasty recipe.