simpleFLOORS truly is much different than most of the other flooring retailers and big box stores...

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Owning a simpleFLOORS, how does it feel?

Everyone needs a floor and hard surface floors continue to take market-share from carpet and tile. SimpleFLOORS factory direct pricing model and advanced customer acquisition methods give an immediate and powerful advantage over your local and online competitors.


Debbie Kilmer
simpleFLOORS of Sacramento

Owning a simpleFLOORS franchise is one of the best options in the flooring industry! We joined the simpleFLOORS group after having successfully tried many different styles of retail operations. Our families have been in the flooring and home improvement industries for many years, so we started off at first with an independent, full service, all flooring styles retail location. We were doing well, but it was obvious that the industry was consolidating - and choosing a side was inevitable. In the end we have been part of three buying groups (one of which is the largest in the USA). Our experience as part of a buying group was good - if you understand what your role is in the buying group. They require attendance at conventions (if you can’t attend because of unforeseen circumstances you are invoiced) and mandatory purchase of new programs with limited ability to opt out of said programs. These things are necessary, as a buying group needs your funds to create new programs. Since they are not in the retail industry itself, they are supported by you. When we had the opportunity to meet with simpleFLOORS it was evident that the company had a clear understanding of the industry and had a specific direction. The company has chosen to specialize in the fastest growing area of the floor-covering industry. Hardwood, laminate, cork and bamboo are dominating the industry. simpleFLOORS predicted this and has become a well established front runner with its online and showroom presence. We decided to join the simpleFLOORS group and have had our business for over three years. This is by far the best decision we have ever made - simpleFLOORS truly cares about our success! Our results speak for themselves, as we have been more profitable in the last three years than the prior eleven as part of a buying group. Even with the unpredictable economy, our first quarter sales totals have had an increase over last year. I believe the main difference is that simpleFLOORS is part of the industry; they don’t rely on their franchise stores to support them. They know what we are experiencing as an industry as they are doing it everyday themselves. I also feel that the direction they have taken - being a leader in a specific section of the industry - allows us to focus and excel at what we do best. simpleFLOORS is capable of creating and adjusting their flooring selection to anticipate new trends quickly, while maintaining their appeal to classic selections. They consistently check in with us to confirm what is popular in our region or what new products we might recommend that may work well in our area. We are very excited to be apart of this innovative and focused group!


Dave West
simpleFLOORS of Seattle

Owning a simpleFLOORS store has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I have had control over my own company’s growth, financial success, and freedom to do things my own way. In my twenty-four years of retail experience I have never seen a company with so many sustainable competitive advantages that continue to outperform the rivals. This is why I chose to run with simpleFLOORS. The most obvious advantage of simpleFLOORS is its cost leadership. SimpleFLOORS delivers value at a price far lower than all others in the industry. We have equal or better products that are typically less than half the price of most flooring retailers. I routinely have to explain to our sometimes skeptical customers why our prices are so much better than all the other stores. This is not a bad problem to have as a business owner. Even with these prices my store continues to generate a sizeable net profit every month.

simpleFLOORS truly is much different than most of the other flooring retailers and big box stores. We do not have the same old products that most flooring retailers sell. We also do not buy from distributors or wholesalers. Our in-house-developed products are unique in the marketplace and are continually changing to keep up with the latest styles and colors. Also, we have harnessed modern ways of shopping with a huge presence on the internet, and have a second-to-none website providing everything a customer could need. I get compliments every day on our website, how we display our products, and our fun and creative advertising. After previously working for one of the largest flooring retailers in the country, I can attest that simpleFLOORS brings a much needed fresh breath of air to the stale flooring industry. Our customers do recognize this and have responded very favorably. Taste – it truly is the difference.

A large part of our success is due to our product focus. We only sell hardwood, bamboo, laminate and cork. In contrast, most flooring retailers also sell carpet, tile, countertops, and cabinets. This makes for a much smaller learning curve for a store owner and employees. I constantly hear from our customers how much more knowledgeable my employees are compared to the previous stores they have experienced. This is because of our focus. We know our market niche and exploit it well for success.

SimpleFLOORS has been a very prosperous business for me and I am confident it will be in the future. Any company that can continually grow during the current economic crisis must have a solid business model. I am happy to be a proud owner of one.


John Zeh
simpleFLOORS of Portland

simpleFLOORS!! There is nothing quite like the excitement and sense of accomplishment when you own your own business. Being part of the simpleFLOORS family is an excellent way to accomplish this. There are plenty of company resources that make this easier than starting a business completely on your own. simpleFLOORS provides critical services such as product development, manufacturing, inventory maintenance and flow, web design and marketing, training and a whole host of others. This will allow you to concentrate on building and growing your own store. Once you see our website and showrooms you will know why we get glowing compliments on them. I’ve been with simpleFLOORS nearly 3 years and see continuous product innovation and system upgrades. Store displays are produced and made ready when you need them. Store graphics are kept fresh and up to date….never boring! simpleFLOORS provides top quality products of different price points that allow the products to practically sell themselves. There is something for everyone! I have seen that simpleFLOORS is able to change quickly to match market conditions. This is critical these days. If you have the opportunity you must join the simpleFLOORS family!