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Q. How does a simpleFLOORS business create revenue? A. The majority of your revenue will be derived from product sales, with the greatest proportional share of products being hardwood flooring. Carpet, vinyl and flooring trim also provide revenue opportunities.
Q. Do stores provide installation? A. Yes and No. Those Franchisees with construction or flooring experience can choose to maintain a crew of installers to generate additional revenue but this is not necessary. Instead, we make available a list of professional installers to handle every type of installation. Trade pros or clients hire and pay installers directly. In some States, installation service may even require special licensing. Most flooring retail stores, big-box stores and liquidator outlets use third-party providers for installation.
Q. Do we have to carry a lot of inventory? A. No. Our whole business model is designed to minimize over-head and keep operating costs low. Due to the size and scale, most clients don’t normally expect to drive away with 2,000 sq. ft. of flooring in the back of the minivan or truck after ordering. Our showrooms typically do not carry inventory but are lined with displays and carry home samples. Most orders are delivered to the home or job site in as little as 3-5 days.
Q. What is the average size store? A. The ideal size for a retail showroom runs between 1,600 – 2,600 sq. ft. depending on the location. We recommended fuel efficient minivans, like the Ford Transit, for the mobile showroom option. Flooring is not generally an impulse purchase, so there is no need to have high-end (Class A) and expensive retail space. Our stores are typically located in Class B/C retail or flex space warehouse, again designed to keep over-head lower.
Q. What are the on-going royalty fees? A. 2% of gross sale, the lowest in the industry.
Q. What is the term of my agreement? A. 5 years, with 4 additional 5 year renewals terms (25 years).
Q. How many hours a week will I need to work? A. That decision is completely up to you. Some owners work part-time and watch over their operations, while others operate their business as a full-time job. Depending on your circumstances, it can work both ways.
Q. What does the training involve? A. We provide an initial training program before you begin operations and ongoing support during the term of the franchise. The initial training program covers all of the material operational aspects of the franchised flooring business and includes: 4 days of classroom education and 5 days of in store, on-the-job training. Training is conducted in our Suwannee, GA corporate headquarters.
Q. What is the ideal franchisee candidate? A. We look for franchisees that are intelligent, ambitious, and possess leadership qualities, all of which make them successful–one who can foster lasting relationships with their customers, and who is also adept at inspiring their own employees as a team. Our franchisees know the importance of discipline and utilize their own expertise to create the most opportunities for growth. There is no need for franchisees to begin as experts in flooring or home improvement industry nor do they need to have experience as a contractor or designer. simpleFLOORS provides franchisees with a robust and powerful framework for their business and puts them on the right path to achieve success.
Q. What can I expect to make from my business? A. The income from each simpleFLOORS business varies based on many variables, for example: market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, and economic factors. During your due diligence review, we can put you in touch with different simpleFLOORS owners so you can discuss their revenue and income with them.
Q. Do I get an exclusive territorial area? A. Yes, you will be granted an exclusive territorial area based on area population. We can help you determine which cities and/or counties offer viable markets and also offer assistance on selecting an appropriate site–both of which will help get your franchise off to a great start.

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