about simpleFLOORS

simpleFLOORS is a privately held, self-funded organization driven by innovative ideas and superior customer service. It is our mission to deliver to you stylish, cost-effective products designed to inspire. Not having to rely on making investors wealthy allows us to place our focus right where it counts, on our products and customers.

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Who we are

At simpleFLOORS we’re passionate about providing our customers with premium-grade, design-conscious flooring at guaranteed low prices. Our beautiful and unique products enhance the health, style and longevity of your space.

What we do

Have you ever leafed through a design magazine and wondered how you could transform the rooms in your home? We help people do just that with our high fashion wood floors, essential for inspirational new spaces. We’re guided by fresh insights from the interior design community, from new color trends and depth-enhancing hand sculpting techniques to distinctive grain treatments. We take the best of what is happening and bring it right to our stores.

Our dedication to interior design is most evident in our flooring options. We offer a wide range of species and high-style wood grain variations complete with factory applied no wax finishes and sealers. Choose from unique high fashion species such as, American Cherry, North American Black Walnut, Zebrano Raw, Zebrano Charred, Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Kempas, Santos Mahogany, San Palo Ipe, Rosewood, Acacia, Brazilian Walnut and more.

Our ability to contract the manufacturing process and distribute direct through our network of stores allows us to bring the latest designs to your simpleFLOORS store quicker. For instance, a new style introduction can go from the design room drawing board to the factory and onto installation in just under two months. Compare this to the industry standard of "two years to market" and you can see how simpleFLOORS is remarkably different.

Once we know what design elements work best for our new products, we source premium supportive components that meet our specific criteria for environmental sustainability, durability and quality. For example, we source our adhesives from Dynomo in Belgium, meeting the European Union environmental standards that are much more stringent than U.S. requirements. This helps ensure our products are healthy for your customers.

If you are interested in learning about potential franchise opportunities in your area, inquire here