We Make the Flooring Business Simple i01 As a leader in the exotic flooring business, simpleFLOORS offers premium-grade flooring at competitive prices. Our focus is to enable customers to easily transform the look and feel of their home with beautiful floors that not only enhance the value of the home but also make it a place of warmth and welcome. Ours is a company focused on a proven successful market with the potential for unlimited growth. The exotic flooring market is an estimated $60+ billion industry that is unaffected by general economic conditions. In a market where shoring up the value of the home is more important and valuable than making a move, simpleFLOORS offers an opportunity to deliver on this demand. The exotic floor market is an enormous, highly profitable and solid investment opportunity–one that simpleFLOORS is excited to offer. We have a network of manufacturers and stores that ensures we bring the latest styles and designs to our customers delivering customized looks with efficient project designs. New style introductions can move from the design room to installation in less than two months, fulfilling customer expectations beyond the competition. simpleFLOORS’ proven franchise model brings the value of personalized service and factory direct product access to your showroom or mobile business; easily beating out the big box and liquidator outlets so our franchisees always have the competitive advantage. If you’re ready to learn more about how our opportunity can be a great fit for you, contact us today.

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